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Achieving Legal Efficiency: How RPA Automation Revolutionized Data Entry and Correction in eSocial.


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The joint action of RIBCZUK ADVOGADOS with R&B SOLUÇÕES CONTÁBEIS E TRIBUTÁRIAS, through the union of tax law with accounting, stands out for its technical excellence in the execution of its work, being aware of the importance of Tax Law for business success, combining the resolution of legal issues with the always existing financial, accounting, and business management aspects.

Legal solutions are not isolated and need to consider the other nuances of the corporate world, so our mission is to safeguard the interests and rights of companies, with an emphasis on providing effective benefits and accurate results to each of our clients.


Since 2014, the Brazilian Government instituted eSocial, a platform that centralizes the submission of various labor, social security, and tax information by companies.

A major difficulty reported by our client was the manual input of a vast amount of data into eSocial, which was a tedious task prone to errors and fines, besides consuming considerable working time for tasks that should be practical.

Due to the complexity of eSocial and the amount of information to be provided, Ribczuk Law Firm approached us to propose an agile, practical, and efficient solution.


Develop an RPA automation robot that integrates with the eSocial platform, eliminating the need for repetitive manual data entry

Solution delivered

Guided by our commitment to providing comprehensive service to our clients, our team recognized the need for a more comprehensive approach to the solution. We realized that it was crucial to go beyond simple process automation robot execution scripts.

Thus, we embarked on the development of a more comprehensive software, where our client can rely on an RPA system with a user-friendly graphical interface, capable not only of automating tasks but also optimizing the process of data entry and manipulation, such as payroll, vacations, termination, payment exclusions, among others, with e-Social.

To achieve this goal, we chose to adopt the most renowned technologies in the market, such as .NET Core* and the MySQL* database.

In summary, the journey we embarked on throughout this project resulted in a solution that can be categorized as an assisted RPA automation. With a customer-centric approach and the understanding that automation efficiency must be balanced with human expertise, we developed a system that seamlessly harmonizes the precise action of the robot with the thoughtful decision-making of humans.

*The choice of technology was made according to the specific needs of the client, taking into consideration their particularities. Our professionals possess skills in various languages currently used.


In summary, the integration of eSocial through assisted RPA process automation was a successful strategic decision. The adoption of this technological solution brought positive impacts to Ribczuk’s operations.

The RPA system developed to integrate with eSocial streamlined processes that were previously time-consuming and prone to manual errors. It also provided an environment that allows the client to make adjustments, future maintenance, and evolutions independently.

With automated data transfer, eSocial-related activities were simplified and executed efficiently, resulting in considerable time savings for the team, around 80%.

Secondly, the reduction in errors was remarkable with automation. By eliminating manual tasks prone to errors, the information sent to government agencies became more accurate and consistent. This helped avoid potential legal complications, rework, and fines related to subsequent corrections.

With automation handling the operational tasks of eSocial, team members could redirect their efforts and skills to analytical and strategic activities.

In conclusion, the assisted automation of eSocial integration not only improved operational efficiency but also strengthened Ribczuk’s position in the market, making it more competitive and prepared to face future challenges with confidence.

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