A wide variety of devices to test your desktop system

In recent years, the fronts of digital product development have gained significant momentum in the market. However, there is still a wide variety of legacy systems and even new applications that are entirely specialized in desktop environments, tied to operating systems like Windows, Linux, or MacOS.

These platforms continue to grow, and ensuring the functionality of systems specialized in these environments remains extremely strategic. They include ERP systems, POS systems, clinic management software, gym management software, office suites for small businesses, and more.

Crowdtest enables its clients to ensure the quality of desktop applications by providing access to a wide range of platform combinations. With over 30,000 real testers or hundreds of certified professionals in testing environments with various versions of Windows, Linux, dual-boot computers, and devices with different screen configurations and computational capacities.

Types of tests


Ensure that all parts of your desktop system are operating perfectly, from the user interface to the most complex features


Essential in a diverse environment, our tests cover a variety of operating systems, browsers, and hardware configurations. This way, your software will run smoothly and efficiently in different environments.


Our team, along with selected testers, evaluates every aspect of the design and user interaction to ensure that your system is intuitive and easy to use.

Crowdtest allows you to leverage the diversity of devices, configurations, and testing environments that our community offers. It enables you to identify issues that may arise in different scenarios, ensuring the quality of your system.

Looking for specialized professionals?

We deliver elastic teams tailored to each client’s specific demand. Our professionals have the ability to understand and act according to the client’s business process.

What do we test?

  • Android and iOS Applications

    Gain access to the most popular smartphones and test your Android or iOS application.

  • IoT

    We have various types of electronic devices for testing IoT products and services.

  • Web Systems

    Count on a range of operating systems, browsers, and different device brands to test your system

Harness the power of crowds to elevate the quality of your software. There are tens of thousands of testers spread across Brazil

Conduct tests with real users.

Track the quality of your application

Have a tool at your disposal to monitor the quality index of your application. Make the best decisions in your development process, ensuring the continuous quality of your products.