Customer Portal Direcional

The new portal is Direcional's proprietary technology, prepared to integrate with all the innovations that the market offers.


Direcional Engenharia



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Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais - BR

Direcional Engenharia

Direcional is a company founded in Belo Horizonte and has 40 years of history, enabling Brazilians to achieve homeownership.

The company is now a reference in Casa Verde e Amarela developments, operating in all three income brackets of the program and helping families with incomes of up to 7,000 reais per month to access subsidies and financing conditions that are only possible through the Casa Verde e Amarela Program.

From incorporation to construction, Direcional operates with responsibility, quality, and commitment, offering developments tailored to each customer profile, valuing condominiums with modern and functional projects, surpassing expectations.

Project Objective

The project had as its main demand the creation of a platform that would increase Direcional’s proximity to its customers, offering cutting-edge and user-friendly technology while maintaining integration with its related systems such as Sales Force, ERP, etc.

With this mission in mind, we redesigned the Customer Portal (Web and Mobile), improving usability and the technologies used.

The new portal is a Direcional-owned technology prepared to integrate with all the innovations that the market offers.

Tecnologias Envolvidas

We employed the best development practices, software quality, and DevOps. The project was developed based on our partnership with AWS. Therefore, our servers are all hosted in the cloud, using Docker containers and the Sensedia API Gateway. The web interface is available on the AWS CloudFront CDN.

For the Customer Portal, in the web version, we are using the React language, and for mobile, we are using React Native. For the desktop, we are using C#.NET Core.

Additionally, we utilized monitoring tools, static code analysis, as well as test automation. Among the main players, we highlight:

Generated Results

We delivered a completely revamped and modern product where we focused on delivering value, usability, improvements, and satisfaction for our client/user.

Additionally, we were also able to deliver a product that makes use of new technologies, focusing on code/product quality, best practices in software development processes and DevOps, and tool decoupling.

It is worth mentioning that the entire development process was carried out within the deadline, without consuming extra hours from professionals, which only confirms the commitment and quality of the project planning carried out by Base2 Tecnologia.

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Portal do Cliente Direcional

The new portal is a proprietary technology of Direcional prepared to integrate with all the latest features that the market offers.



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