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How APM enabled the diagnosis and detection of performance failures in the ERP system.


Casas da Água



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São José, Santa Catarina - BR

Casas da Água

Founded in São José in 1967, it’s been over 50 years of history operating in the retail of construction materials and appliances.

It’s one of the most traditional brands in the state of Santa Catarina and is among the leading companies in the retail sector, winning several awards and recognitions.

Highlight Award: They achieved 7th place in the national ranking of construction materials stores by ANAMACO (National Association of Construction Material Merchants).

Project Objective

The Casas da Água was implementing a new version of ERP, but was experiencing significant performance issues and requested our assistance given our expertise with performance.

It wasn’t a typical performance testing project, as the performance problem already existed. They needed our work to identify the system bottleneck and tune it accordingly.

How the client was before our service (scenario):

After migrating to a new ERP version, the client was experiencing issues with the cash registers in their stores. They were unable to issue fiscal documents, which caused delays in payment queues, a nightmare scenario for any retailer. This situation led to lost sales.

What We Developed

Our approach involved implementing performance diagnostic tools. In their case, we used APM NewRelic, which helped us identify bottlenecks in the ERP code. The ERP team worked closely with us throughout the process.

We also applied code instrumentation techniques to enhance the monitoring capabilities of the APM and performance testing techniques to simulate specific scenarios.

At the request of Casas da Água, we recommended two market professionals to work on specific database tuning and system architecture review. These new professionals reinstalled infrastructure elements and reinforced parts of the code in collaboration with the ERP company.

Results Achieved

The outcome of the work was the stabilization of the ERP and the normalization of sales pace. As well as a series of lessons learned by Casas da Água about best practices in testing, validation, performance, and system monitoring.

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