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Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais - BR

Direcional Engenharia

Direcional is a company founded in Belo Horizonte and has 40 years of history, enabling Brazilians to achieve homeownership.

The company is now a reference in Casa Verde e Amarela developments, operating in all three income brackets of the program and helping families with incomes of up to 7,000 reais per month to access subsidies and financing conditions that are only possible through the Casa Verde e Amarela Program.

From incorporation to construction, Direcional operates with responsibility, quality, and commitment, offering developments tailored to each customer profile, valuing condominiums with modern and functional projects, surpassing expectations.

Project Objective

At Direcional, there is a complex process of analyzing customer documentation for real estate credit approval. Until then, the client’s employees performed the entire process manually. The documents were sent to the broker who was responsible for the credit analysis process. In addition to being a time-consuming process, it had serious risks of failures throughout the tasks, including document loss, as well as deadline misses due to the time spent.

The project’s objective was to create a platform to optimize the entire process.

Solutions Presented

A web/app system was developed where Direcional’s clients go through a series of questions, and based on their answers, the documents they need to present to start their credit evaluation are determined.

The approval or rejection of documents is handled by the responsible areas. If the received document meets the required quality standards or not, and if it’s rejected, it’s returned to the client/engineer who can then re-upload the document validly, in a practical and fast manner.

Technologies Involved

We utilize best practices in development, software quality, and DevOps. The project was developed based on our partnership with AWS. Therefore, our servers are all hosted in the cloud, using Docker containers and the Sensedia API Gateway. The web interface is available on the AWS CloudFront CDN.

In addition, monitoring tools, static code analysis, and test automation were used. Among the main players, we highlight Selenium, Appium, Restsharp, Azure Test Plan, Azure, CloudWatch, DataDog, and Sonar.

Results Achieved

Although still in the pilot phase, the project has already brought satisfactory results to end users, bringing agility and convenience to their routines. An additional benefit is that the automated process directly benefits the environment, confirming Direcional’s commitment to sustainability issues.

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