Harness the power of crowds to enhance the quality of your software

There are tens of thousands of testers spread across Brazil. Conducting software tests with real users brings a host of significant advantages in the development and improvement of digital products.

Project Modalities

Real testers enable a more accurate evaluation of a product’s performance and usability, as they are capable of providing objective and detailed feedback.

Projects are conducted in demand-driven cycles, where testers can participate in 3 different modalities:

Exploratory Testing

Explore your application on specific devices to discover issues that only occur in real-world environments.

UX/UI Research

We have a professional specializing in usability and user experience research to extract the best in user access, making it possible to understand if the application adheres to user objectives.

Structured Testing

 Testers work by executing predefined test cases with the aim of validating flows.

Why Test with Real Users?

Crowdtest’s testers can identify flaws and issues that may not be noticed through automated tests or simulations. Additionally, real users bring valuable human perspective, considering factors such as user experience, individual preferences, and actual interactions with the product, leading to significant improvements in design and functionality.

By using our service for testing with real users, it’s possible to collect real-time data before negative feedback arises, allowing for quick and efficient adjustments during the development process.

What We Test?

  • Android and iOS Applications

    Gain access to the most popular smartphones and test your Android or iOS application.

  • Desktop

    We have a wide variety of devices to test your desktop system.

  • IoT (Internet of Things)

    We have various types of electronic devices for testing IoT products and services.

  • Web Systems

    Count on a range of operating systems, browsers, and different device brands to test your system.

Are you looking for specialized professionals?

We deliver elastic teams tailored to each client’s specific demand. Our professionals have the capacity to understand and act according to the client’s business process.

Track Your Application's Quality

Have a tool at your fingertips to track the quality index of your application. Make the best decisions in your development process, ensuring the continuous quality of your products.